Putting wellbeing at the heart of your Early Years organisation

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Everyone wins when you put wellbeing first

Everyone is a winner when we boost wellbeing in nurseries and childcare settings: children, their families and your staff. Developing a culture of wellbeing for both staff and children is a win-win: happier staff, happier children and a programme of activities and learning that will set children on a path for a healthy future.

View our online CACHE Level 4 PANCo or Leadership and Mentoring courses below to find out how you can promote health and wellbeing in your Early Years setting.



Champions for Wellbeing (PANCo)

Who do we turn to for advice about Early Years nutrition and physical activity and how to implement change?

Leadership for Wellbeing

How do we embed wellbeing throughout our Early Years organisation?

Mentoring for Wellbeing

How do we support the health and wellbeing of our Early Years Practitioners?

What wellbeing wins can you expect?

Working with us you can:

  • Give children the best possible start in life by modelling and teaching healthy behaviours
  • Build a reputation for being an Early Years employer that cares about the health and wellbeing of their team, children and families
  • Improve standards and outcomes for children and families – especially in tackling obesity
  • Develop leaders who are positive, encouraging and appreciative
  • Promote staff wellbeing through mentoring and coaching
  • Provide informed advice and support to parents and families to help them encourage their child to make healthy choices.

Sounds good, how do we do it?

PurpleBee gives you the tools, training and support to weave health and wellbeing into the cultural fabric of your Early Years organisation.

We use the best in applied research, combined with over 30 years of hands-on experience in Early Years, to bring you tools and techniques to help you embed health and wellbeing into every part of what you do.

Our online courses, resources and toolkits are tailored to you and your team’s personal needs at the same time as promoting a setting-wide approach that ensures that every investment you make in training and development brings improvements and new ideas back into your nursery or childcare setting.

What’s on offer?

Our holistic approach means that you can tap into our expertise – and develop your own – through a number of different entry points. We recognise that not everybody can take on large scale programmes so we offer our materials in ways that will fit your setting and schedules. Of course, the more you engage, the faster your wellbeing strategy will grow. Together, these interventions form a powerful and integrated approach to promoting health and wellbeing in Early Years.

All our programmes are designed using a step by step approach to help you develop a positive workplace culture. We use tried and tested diagnostic tools to kick-start the work, measuring individual, team and organisational wellbeing followed by in-depth programmes that show you how to embed wellbeing work practices that are uniquely tailored to the needs of your setting. The process can be challenging but it’s exciting, fun and everyone is a winner!

Why us?

Our work is headed up by Linda Baston-Pitt who is well known in the Early Years sector for her pioneering work in health and wellbeing. Linda has been a Director of an award-winning nursery, an active Early Years adviser on a number of government committees, and one of the founders of the new national role for Physical Activity and Nutrition Co-ordinator (PANCo). Using the best in learning technology, PurpleBee is realising Linda’s long- held dream to share a lifetime of experience in the field by bringing together a network of experts to share their know-how and experience with you so that together we can ensure the best possible future for our children.


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What’s the BUZZ!

Linda Baston-Pitt, PurpleBee CEO, shares her thoughts, insights and advice.

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Leading well through Covid

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PurpleBee PANCOs are leading the way!

PurpleBee PANCOs are leading the way!

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A PurpleBee and CACHE collaboration!

A PurpleBee and CACHE collaboration!

Good health and well-being is essential for people of all ages, and the best way to form healthy habits is to start from a young age. This is why the Physical Activity and Nutrition Co-ordinator (PANCo) role in Early Years settings has been developed.

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