PurpleBee PANCo Pioneers

NCFE CACHE Level 4 Award: Become a PANCo (Physical Activity and Nutrition Coordinator)

PANCo Report

A full evaluation of the PANCo programme is now available to view. Includes motivations, expectations and experiences of learners who have completed the PANCo programme plus detailed case studies from PANCos in practice. 

Our PANCo training course

Our Physical Activity and Nutrition Coordinator (PANCo) qualification and specialist role is a beacon for quality provision in the Early Years. We designed our PANCo programme as a wellbeing-in-action intervention that promotes positive nutrition and physical activity to support the prevention of obesity within Early Years settings. Our PANCo qualification gives Early Years educators a robust knowledge base and the skills to lead and support change within the setting.

What is the PANCo Model?

The PANCo qualification and role is not about one-off interventions: it provides a sustainable long-term approach that brings together four important elements , which are shown here in the PANCo Model.

Specialist Qualification

The PANCo qualification provides learners with a robust knowledge of healthy eating and physical activity as well as supporting practitioners to develop the skills and confidence to manage change and implement best practice. View our NCFE CACHE Level 4 Award: Become a PANCo.

Wellbeing Champion

PANCos are agents of change and lead by example. They develop initiatives that motivate and encourage healthy behaviours and raise the profile of physical activity and nutrition within the setting, the home and the wider community. Read the NCFE case study : Pioneering the PANCo qualification.

Measuring Impact

PANCos assess, monitor and measure the health and wellbeing needs of their own setting using current research, PANCo standards (Start Life Well) and national guidelines that supports the wellbeing of children, families and staff.

Sharing Good Practice

PANCo Pioneers connect and work collaboratively in the PANCo Wellbeing Network where they are able to share challenges and successes with like-minded colleagues who have a passion for fostering wellbeing in their Early years setting.

Benefits of becoming a PANCo with PurpleBee

Engaging and intuitive eLearning lessons

As the cofounder of the PANCo qualification, we have taken the most current research and combined it with expert experience to deliver a practical online PANCo training course specifically designed for Early Years.

PANCo Quality Standards (Start Life Well)

Benchmark your setting against best practice in healthy eating and physical activity and make positive steps towards change with the PurpleBee bespoke Start life Well Assessment tool

Reflective Journal

Packed full of activities, exercises, tools and resources, we have created a set of comprehensive Reflective Journals that will help you to reflect on what you are learning, expand your thinking and capture your inspiration.

PANCo Project Portfolio

Your Portfolio is a way to showcase your learning and provides you with a toolkit for integrating health and wellbeing projects into your setting

Join the growing movement of PANCo Pioneers and Start Life Well Champions in our PANCo Network. Suitable for practitioners and leaders who want to foster health and wellbeing in their early years settings

As a qualified PANCo you will learn how to:

  • develop your skills and confidence to become an agent of change
  • put physical activity and nutrition guidelines into practice
  • support parents and families with healthy eating and physical activity at home
  • analyse what will motivate and help people to make positive behaviour changes
  • embed physical literacy throughout your setting
  • develop children’s resilience and independence
  • help your setting to meet and exceed Ofsted’s expectations around the health and wellbeing of children, families and your team.
  • be a positive role model for healthy behaviours
  • build a reputation for being a setting that cares about the health and wellbeing of its children, families and team.
  • support your team and parents to adopt active lifestyles.

About the online PANCo course

  • This is the only internationally recognised  qualification that gives you full PANCo status.
  • Ideal for Early Years practitioners with an enthusiasm and interest in the health and wellbeing of children and families and a passion to lead positive change within their workplace.
  • Suitable for Early Years Professionals (Lv3+), team leaders or managers working in Early Years settings such as nurseries, schools, childminding settings and after school clubs.
  • Flexible, step-by-step online learning from any device, anywhere, anytime with tutor support.
  • 3 months for course completion – approximately 3-4 hours a week for study and practical application.

What next?

Get access to our FREE PurpleBee ‘Get up to Speed with PANCo’ online introductory programme.

Sign up to our fully online NCFE CACHE accredited Level 4 Award: Become a PANCo course.

Join the growing movement of nationally recognised & qualified PANCo’s in the PurpleBee PANCo Wellbeing Network.