Champion Wellbeing


Who do we turn to for advice about healthy behaviours and what works?

PurpleBee offers the gold standard in training for the nationally-recognised role of PANCo (Physical Activity and Nutrition Co-ordinator). A PANCo is a champion for change; having a PANCo in your setting gives you the in-house expertise to get a headstart on your health and wellbeing initiatives.

PurpleBee can help you to meet and exceed Ofsted’s expectations around the health and wellbeing of children, families and your team.

‘Practitioners provide a healthy diet and a range of opportunities for physically active play, both inside and outdoors. They give clear and consistent messages to children that support healthy choices around food, rest, exercise and screen time.’

Ofsted Education Inspection Framework 2019


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Our career enhancement programme is the CACHE Level 4 unit certificate. Take part in this award-winning programme to become a qualified PANCo and join the growing network of Physical Activity and Nutrition co-ordinators.

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