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Chinese student teachers visit Cambridge to learn about Early Years education in the UK.

The project led by Linda Baston-Pitt CEO of Cambridge Early Education and Purplebee Learning was the result of a collaboration between CEE and Hubei College following Linda and her teams visit to Wuhan in April.

The key purpose of the visit was to explore the possibility of both CEE and Hubei college working collaboratively to establish a combined Early Years professional development teaching programme for students attending the college.

CEE and PB partnered with Cambridge Regional College to deliver a two-week educational and cultural programme to twenty student teachers from the college. Students attended lectures about Early Years education and also English language lessons.

This was combined with two full days of experiencing working in local Early Years nurseries and schools to give students a real understanding of what it’s like to be an early years teacher in the UK.

The Students also enjoyed a full weekend of cultural tours exploring the sights of London and Cambridge.

Linda said “We have had a fabulous two weeks and it has been an enormous honour, pleasure and joy for all of us to work the students, they should be exceptionally proud of themselves. What we’ve all noticed is how closely our values on Early Years practice from the importance of positive wellbeing to the value of learning through play are aligned. This partnership has been a fantastic opportunity to share good practice between UK and china and to establish closer relationship between Cambridge and Wuhan.”

Michael Maurice director with CEE said “We’ve been looking forward so much to welcoming the lectures and students from Hubei College to Cambridge since our visit to Wuhan in April this year and I would like to think that this will be the first of many educational and cultural exchanges between us.”

The end of the two weeks culminated with each of the students delivering their own presentations,  a celebration lunch and award ceremony to recognise the incredible achievements of all of the students.

For further information about this project see and Cambridge Network. 

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