Early Years Employers

By investing in the continued development of your Early Years Practitioners you naturally create a caring, supportive and fun environment in which both children and staff feel relaxed and happy.

The key to our success is that we bring together individual learning and practical workplace learning. Each of our Leadership, Mentoring and CACHE Level 4 PANCo courses are designed to build individual professional development and to have a measurable impact on your Early Years setting.

Our training programmes will help you

  • get new Early Years Practitioners up to speed quickly and empower existing staff.
  • retain the skills and knowledge of staff – even when there is a high turnover.
  • provide an attractive professional development pathway for all EY staff levels.
  • develop your future leaders, using our evidence-based Early Years Positive Leadership framework.
  • boost self-awarenesss and people skills in individuals, giving them a richer sense of who they are, what they stand for and how they want to move forward
  • increase the quality and quantity of pedagogical conversations , enabling staff to learn from each other and to reflect on, and improve, practice.
  • promote and embed health and wellbeing into all that you do for the benefit of children, staff and families.
  • save time by making your existing systems work smarter and by joining up the dots between personal development plans, supervisions and appraisals.

Don’t take our word for it!

The course has had a major impact on our setting. I have noticed how staff now celebrate each others strengths and appreciate one another. Productivity is higher and staff have deeper knowledge and understanding about their job roles.

Jayne Chapman Manager, Harlequin Nursery

My team have been really motivated and enthusiastic about the whole course. I have already seen changes to their daily practices, they have been delegating tasks to other team members while considering their strengths as to where they might need additional support.

Lisa Pratt Manager, Street Farm Day Nursery

The learners have embraced the course, they are spending more time with their team members but also understanding why it’s important to share knowledge. Mentoring is being embedded into our everyday work flow.

Emma Lane Old School House Day Nursery

More than just a course

We want to share our award winning formula for happy children and staff so you can provide the very best in Early Years care and education.

Working together we can help you to transform your Early Years setting into a learning organisation, where learning is part of the workflow and everyone is learning every day. We will help your Early Years Practitioners to find and use their strengths and to create healthy, positive environments for both children and staff.

We want our Leadership, Mentoring and CACHE Level 4 PANCo courses to have a positive impact so when you enrol employees onto our online training we will show you how you can help each staff member to share, apply and continue their learning at work. And we can also work with you to measure the impact of the changes.

We know that all nurseries and preschools are at different levels and stages and one size doesn’t fit all, so we’d love to hear more about you. Contact us and we can design a package to suit your needs.

We’d love to hear from you!