About Us

We train and inspire Early Years organisations to build on their strengths, model healthy choices and celebrate  learning for staff, children and their families

All of our courses and programmes have been designed specifically to enhance and support the continued development of Early Years Professionals.


Three principles that inform our Early Years online training

We train Early Years Professionals to become positive role models by using an integrated approach to health and wellbeing where children, families and staff teams can thrive and flourish.

Healthy choices

We believe that health and wellbeing should be at the heart of every Early Years organisation, starting with staff who model healthy choices in their work and in their own lives.

Strengths based

We build on people’s strengths rather than their weaknesses and we advocate appreciative approaches to development and feedback – celebrating what is working well rather than focusing on what is wrong or not working.

Learning for change

Our online programmes are practical and relevant: we put the power back in the hands of our learners to create real change in their workplaces. Our training is a unique blend of online learning, workplace experience and personalised expert support.

What’s special about our Early Years training?

We believe that individual learning and organisational learning are interdependent, so all our programmes are designed to make a difference back in your nursery or childcare setting. Early Years educators who enrol on a PurpleBee course can expect to be proactive – improving their own practice, sharing new knowledge and skills and finding ways to enable others to learn and grow.

With over 25 years of experience in the Childcare sector, we know how rewarding working in Early Years can be – and we also know the challenges you face. We’ve flipped the traditional training model to provide a fresh integrated approach that benefits individuals and organisations.


Learning experiences need to be practical and relevant to your everyday work.

As well as providing you with the latest research-based content, we help you to test out and apply your learning by completing work-based activities and workplace inquiries.

Deep and lasting learning needs time for reflection and practice.

PurpleBee online tutors and assessors support learners enrolled on our programmes to help each individual make connections with their own professional development and apply their learning to their specific work setting. All tutors and assessors are trained Early Years Professionals.

Individuals need organisational and managerial support to embed learning and to make real change.

PurpleBee consultants work with Early Years organisations to prepare them to support people who enrol on the training and to measure the impact of individual programmes. This is good for the individual who knows their managers understand what they are doing, and why. It’s also good for the managers who can ensure that the learning is aligned to the culture of the workplace.

One size does not fit all.

Our training is all about you. We put the power back in your hands, helping you to identify your personal strengths and to develop action plans that will continue to have an impact beyond the course. Where we work with organisations we help you develop a learning culture that empowers staff and enables everyone to flourish.

The Team

The PurpleBee Training team is a group of Early Years professionals, experts and academics who have come together to bring you the latest and best in Early Years practice.

Linda Baston-Pitt

Linda Baston-Pitt

CEO / Early Years Specialist and one of the founders of the PANCo Wellbeing Champion

Gemma Hobson

Gemma Hobson

Training Manager and eLearning Developer

Mike Maurice

Mike Maurice

PurpleBee Sales Manager