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Kindred Nurseries and PurpleBee PANCo Project

“Such a fantastic day! We can’t wait to take this back to our nurseries and inspire our children, families and team.”

It was a great privilege to spend the day in London in the company of such an enthusiastic and passionate team of Early Years leaders from the Kindred Nursery Group. Lots of discussion and great questions asked that reminded me what a brilliant sector we work in!

And what an excellent action-packed session it was, exploring what wellbeing means from a personal and organisational perspective to delving into activities that sparked discussion and debate about what a health promoting setting looks like in practice.

The main focus of the day was on how to develop a ‘whole setting approach’ to Health and Wellbeing and to also introduce the PANCo programme to the group.

In developing the Kindred Health and Wellbeing strategy the senior management team made the decision to appoint and invest in training a PANCo for each of their 19 nurseries and out of school clubs with PurpleBee. The intention is that they will lead on Kindred Healthy Steps projects and work to ensure that the whole setting approach reinforces the value of physical activity and healthy eating in everything that their setting does.

“An inspirational day, best training session I’ve had in years”

We are really excited to be working with Kindred Nurseries who like us are striving to put health and wellbeing at the heart of their provision.

Settings that have a Physical Activity and Nutrition Co-ordinator (PANCo) in place have a head start in knowing how to manage this health promoting approach: the online PurpleBee PANCo course equips PANCos with tools and strategies to analyse, plan and reflect and learners also have access to the Start Life Well assessment and a set of best practice ideas to guide their change initiatives.

If you are interested in finding out more about the PANCo role check out our FREE Taster mini series Get up to Speed with PANCo in 15 minutes. 

Further information on the full CACHE Level 4 Award: Become a PANCo can be found here.

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About the Author:

Linda has been a passionate advocate for health and wellbeing in Early Years throughout her career. Known for her cross-disciplinary and collaborative approach, Linda is a well-known speaker at national and international conferences. Linda is CEO of PurpleBee, and co-founder of the PANCo qualification.