The Essential Early Years Wellbeing-in-Action Toolkit and Award Scheme

Improving the wellbeing of children, families and staff

Start Life Well is a complete online wellbeing framework that ensures that the whole setting reinforces the value of physical activity, healthy eating and emotional wellbeing in everything that they do.  Our proven system enables organisations to measure, improve and consistently maintain high standards of wellbeing with ease.

Start Life Well provides you with the strategy, framework and tools to promote and encourage healthy choices for children, families and staff.

Achieving the Start Life Well Award recognises your commitment to actively working towards improving the wellbeing of everyone in your setting.

Start Life Well gives staff the essential knowledge, practical skills and confidence to lead and promote wellbeing and support change within the setting.

Introducing Start Life Well

What’s the buzz about Start Life Well?

“The Start Life Well Assessment was amazing and I learnt so much about my setting and what we needed to improve on together. I believe the health and wellbeing within my setting will greatly improve. Now that I have gained greater knowledge and understanding I can share this information and pass this onto colleagues and parents and together we will raise healthy children!”

Rachel, Qualified PurpleBee PANCo

“I really enjoyed assessing my own practice, my own setting and considering a whole range of improvements that could be made by working together. I think I will help practitioners to feel empowered when providing physical movement and positive nutrition activities.”

James, Qualified PurpleBee PANCo

“The Start Life Well assessment was the biggest learning curve for me. I now know about the guidelines regarding nutrition and exercise – I didn’t know they existed before!”

Anna, Qualified PurpleBee PANCo

“The Start Life Well assessment is awesome! It is easy to use, well  designed and also very useful when it came to completing the Portfolio. This method could be perfect to evaluate any aspect of the setting.”

Simona, Qualified PurpleBee PANCo

“I have learnt that all settings, no matter how good, all have room for improvement. From completing PANCo and Start Life Well I feel more confident in being able to talk about physical development and why it is so important from 0-5 years.”

Samantha, Qualified PurpleBee PANCo

“The Best Practice charts were brilliant – lots of research, resources and links. I have learnt so much and have a better understanding of where to find current, up to date and reliable information.”

Olivia, Qualified PurpleBee PANCo

“Using the Start Life Well assessment and resources, I now understand the Chief Medical Officers guidelines and what this means in Early Years practice.”

Glenn, Qualified PurpleBee PANCo

“I like the Start Life Well assessment and have found it really helpful in identifying strong areas that the setting is achieving but also identifying shortfalls that need improvements to enable children and their families to achieve their best possible outcomes.”

Cheryl, Qualified PurpleBee PANCo

“Start Life Well was one of the most effective self assessment tools, not just because it was visual but it seemed to reflect most accurately what we were expecting.”

Anonymous, Qualified PurpleBee PANCo

Three routes to Start Life Well:

Start Life Well Gold Award and PurpleBee PANCo qualification

Start Life Well is embedded into the PurpleBee PANCo online course CACHE Level 4 Award: Become a PANCo. By successfully completing our PANCo qualification, learners will gain full PANCo status and also the setting automatically achieves the Start Life Well Gold Award.

Start Life Well Gold Award

Start Life Well Gold Award can be achieved when there is a qualified PANCo working in the setting, who is responsible for completing the steps required to achieving Start Life Well Gold Award criteria.




Start Life Well Award

Start Life Well Award can be achieved when there is a nominated Wellbeing Lead working in the setting, who is responsible for completing the steps required to achieving Start Life Well Award criteria.




Steps to achieving Start Life Well

View our infographic to find out the steps that are required to meet the Start Life Well award criteria.

What’s in the Wellbeing-in-Action Toolkit?

Detailed Wellbeing Project

Provides you with an intuitive wellbeing framework that helps you to capture everything you need for your staff, parents and for Ofsted and shows how you look after the wellbeing of everyone in your setting.

Flexible eLearning

Using the CHOICE (Choosing Healthy Opportunities in Childcare Environments) process, find out how you can use the Start Life Well assessment to plan and implement wellbeing interventions.

Innovative Self Assessment

Identify the wellbeing needs of the whole setting in an instant. Complete our unique Start Life Well Assessment to gain a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of existing nutrition and physical activity policy and practice. 

Comprehensive Resources Library

Save time searching for information by accessing our Best Practice guidelines to set, or revise, policy and to guide improvements. With access to over 100 updated links and research these charts are your go-to resource for taking action.

Personalised Wellbeing Report

Your detailed report and action steps provide you with a map and blueprint for making improvements across the whole setting and ensures that you are meeting and exceeding your settings wellbeing standards.

What next?

Choose your route to achieving Start Life Well

Join the movement of Start Life Well settings in our PANCo Network