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What does the early years sector want for the coming year?

Leading figures and professionals in the early years reflect on an incredibly challenging year and share their wishes for a better 2021 with Annette Rawstrone in The Nursery World Article: ‘What does the early years sector want for the coming year?’ Wednesday December 30th 2020.

Read the excerpt from Linda Baston-Pitt, chief executive of Purple Bee Learning and co-founder of the PANCo health and well-being qualification below:



‘My hope is that we continue to stand together and take forward what we’ve learnt from this pandemic that keeps the health and well-being of children, families and early years teams at the centre of all we do.


‘Times of change are opportunities to change things for the better. My dream is that early years professionals are recognised and valued for the vital role that they have played in supporting children and families despite the challenges, and that the Government supports this dedication and excellence in real terms.


‘I also dream that the PANCo becomes a mandatory role in all settings funded through the Government’s Lifetime Skills, so that we can begin to turn our early years working environments into places of promise and possibility and a place where we are not merely surviving, but thriving!’


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About the Author:

Linda has been a passionate advocate for health and wellbeing in Early Years throughout her career. Known for her cross-disciplinary and collaborative approach, Linda is a well-known speaker at national and international conferences. Linda is CEO of PurpleBee, and co-founder of the PANCo qualification.